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My fiance’ came up to me and asked me to draw Pitch and Jack more like how they appear in the movie, to which I responded, 'fuck you i'm not doing that'—-'er…challenge accepted'. Here’s the bastardization of the trial. i’m sorry. /hides

it turned out kinda Rufftoon-ish haha probably shouldn’t have referenced the unused story boards…. but i adore how she draws them more so than the movie renders anyway. also loved her how-to video on Pitch drawing.

'yeah, I can think of, like, 12 reasons why no one wants to date you. and I'm excluding your exuberant charm and yeah, you know, eyebrows.’

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    … this is especially hilarious to me as I am /so tempted/ to make the Pitch’s new wardrobe reveal in Shadowplay be Jack...
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