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i wanted to practise storyboarding to see if i would like it. didn’t want to do the movie so i picked a scene from Not-Poignant's From Darkness we Rise:

‘Where did it go?’ North said, eyes narrowing. ‘You will tell us.’

‘Yes. The boy with the wooden stick and the bringer of wonder to children are sure to make me. I’m honestly just so terrified I’ve come full circle back to boredom.’

Jack exhaled a breath of laughter before he could stop himself, and both Pitch and North turned to him in surprise. He quickly covered it by coughing and then attempted to look innocent, widening his eyes and shrugging, as though he couldn’t understand why they were both looking at him.

sorry it is a little lame (first time trying storyboards!) and i only just started the story. but so far, i can see why others enjoy it so much! looking forward to reading some more. haha ; v ; and maybe doing more fanart

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 #Jack Frost  #Pitch Black  #nicholas st. north  #not-poignant  #ROTG  #storyboard  #ion doodles
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